Flowers are used in art for more than just paintings. Flowers become center points and main themes for all types of artistic media. Floral arrangement designs have become one of the main decorating industries of the modern century. From basic home designs to vast floral displays for weddings, flowers have become a center point for everyday living. Wedding arrangements are seen as beautiful works of art and rightly so. There is a lot of time and preparation that goes into creating these works of art. Wedding arrays are critiqued by many people throughout the year and florists are held in high regards for the beautiful designs that they can procure from most any type of flower.

Sculptors have also taken to using greenery and flora as a main staple in their creative media. Topiary is the art of sculpting plants and trees into various shapes, designs, objects and animals. Toparius is the Latin terminology for “gardener of landscape.” These types of sculptures are often complicated pieces of art work and take great lengths of time and care to procure. There are some topiary gardens that specialize in the sculpting of floral arrangements as well. The garden designers of Walt Disney World are perfect examples of floral arrangements for art. The main entrance to Disney World is edged in gardens that depict the head and face of Mickey Mouse.

The second most modern form of floral arrangements are silk flowers. These imitation blooms are remarkably realistic components comprised of silk flowers, dried greenery, such as bark and trimmings, dried and preserved leaves and dried (and often aromatic) flowers. They are treated to last a lifetime and often are stunning pieces most would mistake for live buds.

There is an ever growing interest in the beauty of the art world when it comes to floral design and use, and with that comes the growing nature of the floral industry. Vocational schools now offer training for floral arrangements and design due to the expanse of the industry and the needs of consumers.

In a world where flowers are a true symbol of art, it was thought 30 years ago that an honorary event should be held where great floral designers, painters, sculptors and other type artists could showcase their beautiful pieces of artistic media or all to see. The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco in San Francisco, California has held an annual event called the “Bouquet to Art” wherein quirky, stunning and unique floral creations for all types of floral media are displayed. This event offers demonstrations of floral arrangement and topiary sculpting as well as how to and informative sessions with some of the country’s leading floral designers and artists.

Flowers can be used in almost any type of art and help to make your artistic abilities flourish. Have you ever wondered how a flower would look in the creative masterpiece you have fashioned? Try it out! Don’t let your wonder stop you from experimenting.

Floral art made from both fresh and fake flowers can really brighten a room or give your home a touch of the beauty of nature outdoors. The colors of the blossoms will remain intact if you do presswork on them, yet if you choose to try and dye them, they will soak in the dyes and the dye will adhere wonderfully to them. There is really no right or wrong way to use flowers in all types of artwork. From bold and vibrant to romantic and mellow, flowers can help to set the tone of your home or other places.

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