Have you ever wondered how to design floral arrangements like a professional? Many people refuse to think outside the box and go for every day staples like foam balls and water marbles as a base, but tree branches can support more weight and make a strong base to work . Weaving the stems of flowers around the branch will add an air of elegance. If your limbs are still green and leafy, your flowers can be intertwined and held better by the leaves.

Floral artists have come up with amazing techniques for making fresh flowers last longer before they are repurposed into a dried ensemble, but most don’t know the best method for allowing flowers to last longer and hold up better once they have been dried. Take a simple brown paper bag and wrap it around the stems of your flowers. Cut roughly an inch off the stem base and put the bottom of the stems (still wrapped in the paper) into boiling water. Let them stand until you no longer see bubbles escaping from the bottom of the stalks. Let them cool, give the stems another little trim and place in a vase. They will last much longer, look fresher days later and if you choose to use them later for another form of floral art, will hold up remarkably well once dried.

There are 34 basic types of floral art that are recognized by floral artists and designers. The most well-known is Botanical Art, which represents any type of flora still living. The other most known and common form is still life. Still life represents the telling of a story through the objects in the art and the materials used. Still life represents realistic contents. Stretch art refers to using two key pieces with one being larger than the other that appear to be one, but yet are pulled into two pieces, with connection still being a key element. Angular floral art is about planes and angles of the flora. Assemblage is another common type of floral art as it uses abstract objects that are tied to the main floral point through color and form in a dimensional design. Floral collages, wherein the designs overlap one another, is also a common form of art. Flowers in a simple line or lines represent what is known as the floral creative line, whereas, flora that goes on tangent lines away from the main lines is seen as line mass flora.

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