Many people also use flowers in hanging art. This refers to flowers that are hung on a surface and can move freely from their main center point, such as hanging flower baskets and pots. This can also refer to sculpting of flowers and trees as they are free standing forms.

A unique form of floral art is known as “Duo.” This type displays two different strategies and can be seen from two different sides. Duo floral art cannot be seen from the opposing side of the piece. The idea of this would be to cut a flower in half and dye one-half a different color with a non-sheer material between the two sides. It is the same piece but form two different views without being able to see the other half.

Hanging floral art refers to flowers or components of flowers that are hung or suspended from the surface and can move freely, again, such as a floral hanging pot of flowers. The apparatus used to hang the flowers should not hinder the free movement unless required, intended or necessary.

Many artists also use illumination to capture the important or strong focal points of their floral works.

A form of floral artwork that is moving to the foreground of this industry includes kinetic designs. These types have implied movements and tend to integrate a second category such as Duo or Still Life.

Miniature art is found in most all types of art styles at some point, including floral. The general rule is no larger than 5 inches in any dimension and includes all the properties of a larger piece. A perfect example of this would be seen in flowered wedding decorations. Many women prefer to make all of their wedding flowers match, from the bridal bouquet to the alter flowers to the centerpiece flowers. The same theme is seen throughout but at varying sizes.

We all know what mobiles are, but did you know that they are also commonly used in floral designs, especially for outdoor decorations? The ability of these to be free moving gives an air of grace to the designs.

Pop Art is another common type of art that is integrating flowers into its designs. This type causes the viewer of the art to move around and think about more than one perspective when viewing the form. There is more than a couple central focal points in this type of art separated by a pattern, color or texture.

Paneling refers to a design that has three sides to its structure and is free standing or supported by its design. A simple example of this would be a cornered flower stand.

A Parallel design consists of three or more sets of designs that are parallel to teach other with spacing between each design. They can be in one main central holding point or several pieces that are grouped together as one central design.

Like framed and still art, dried plant materials are called Plaque art. This is where the items are arranged on a flat surface to be hung in a frame or other parameter to contain the items and includes items with dimension, such as leaves and twigs.

When mixing more than one type of flower in the same container for art, this is known as Pot Et Fleurs. The roots of the flora will intertwine in the design.

Reflective floral art has two central ideas. One is to be seen through a mirror, a common reflection. The more interesting technique is to incorporate another form of reflection that does not include a mirror.

As mentioned earlier, sculptural forms are three-dimensional forms created (or sculpted) from a free standing piece, often with more than one item being intertwined to form one main piece.

Fixed floral art refers to the joint where the base and background meet, often with little change in perception, such as keeping the same color throughout. These are bright colors, such as white, or dark colors such as black. Mid colors tend to differentiate the line where horizontal meets vertical, which generally is the element you want to hide.

A unique and rather unseen floral design is vibration. Sound and vibratory movements are the key elements to these pieces. This kind invites viewers to use touch (or in some cases breaths of air) to move a piece to induce noise.

Pull Stretch is an up and coming design wherein identical objects are used and are thought be in the process of being pulled in two pieces. One piece is usually substantially larger than the other, with the smaller piece often being placed in the foreground.

A beautiful form of floral art is contained with Synergistic designs. These forms are incomplete designs by themselves, but when put together, they complete one larger whole.

Holiday floral and horticulture designs are always being used. This is as simple as decorating your Christmas tree with lights and poinsettia plants to putting up a fake tree in your house and using spray glitter to enhance the beauty.

Remember the rules of sizing when designing. If you want a miniature, your dimensions should not exceed 5 inches in any direction. Small sizes range between 5 inches and 8 inches. Medium sizes average up to 12 inches in any direction, while large is any size over that.

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