Floral Art Going Beyond The Limits

My love for Floral Art

We have been in the floral industry for over 20 years and have had the honour of combining our interest with the talent of companies like Full Frame Productions, their sister site Advanced Dermatology and organisations like Arts.The drive to utilize the beauty of the floral nature around us has driven us to learn new techniques and create brilliant forms of art for many years. Flowers have been a central point of our entire creative process and will continue to be improved and designed. For thousands of years, artists and designers alike have used flowers for designs and art, and we are expanding that tradition and thinking outside the box with all of our inspirations and creations. We are a top rated company that deals exclusively in the floral art industries and tie them together to form top quality artistic pieces that will amaze and surprise you! Our innovative technology for design has helped us get to where we are, as well as our undying interest in learning new methods of expanding the floral world in the art industry. While other companies would stick to the parameters they know, we are expanding our knowledge, dedication and inspirational designs daily. Knowing that the more we grow, the more work and quality we can put into our designs and the more our clients will appreciate the work that goes into these pieces. We are a strong minded company with the focus of nature and art around us. If you have any question, or would like to know more about our company, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our staff is wonderfully trained and up to date on the latest horticulture information and are trained to stay up-to-date in the artist realm as well. Between our willingness to absorb the nature of the art and flora world, as well as ideas and motivation, we know that we will be able to give you the best possible experience and information. We thank you, our amazing customers, for your loyalty to our company, and we guarantee that we will never let you down.

The sweep of a brush, the scent of a flower, the click of a camera and the sound of the song are all beautiful expressions of art. Our world is full of exhilarating examples of art with all types of media bases. Creative minds see the world and everything in it as a blank canvas to create masterpieces, be it in writing, painting, music or anything really. Personally, I find some of the most magnificent artistic beauties in flowers and bouquets. Flowers exude a natural elegance and beauty that cannot be matched.

Flowers have been used in art for thousands of years. Artists and creative illusionists alike knew that the flower held vast possibilities when it came to art. The earliest known record of a flower being used in art is dated back to the Egyptian times, when the lotus was a symbol of great meaning. The Egyptians believed that the world started out as a vast oceanic expanse with a supreme ruler named Nun. Nun produced a single white lotus flower upon a hill of sand. The lotus would bloom and close daily, symbolizing the circle of life and the purity of life. It was believed that Nun allowed the lotus to hold the sun god, Atum, in his earthly form and that the petals at night would protect him until the new dawn.

When it comes to floral art, there are endless ways that they can be utilized. The possibilities are endless, and your imagination boundless. Let your imagination flow and let the beauty of the floral world around you be your inspiration. There are no wrongs or rights when it comes to designing with flowers. Flowers are part of our everyday life, and we should use them to the best of both our and their abilities. They were created for our use and enjoyment, and when we can use them to enhance the natural enjoyment, we are creating art in that alone! There is no limit to the uses for all flora types!

Whether you are just starting out in learning about how flowers are used for everyday purposes or whether you are a seasoned floral artist, you will never know how amazing flowers really are in art until you try to use them yourself. Again, there are no rights and wrongs, only new ideas and designs that have yet to be created.

Just as the civilizations of old times used them to create history and thought of them as center points in life, you can do the same and keep the spirit and history, as well as the magic and beauty of flora alive. You are an artist and the flowers, and other horticulture are your tools. Use them to create anything that you want and see the new artistic life that forms from it! There are no bounds; there are no limits, so let the flora take you to new places and enjoy what it can bring you!